Need to park your Ontario real estate license easily and affordably?

Here at Milestone Silver we specialize in making the process as easy and painless as possible. Don't limit your options for your future!


Keep Your License Without Paying High Annual Fees

You've worked hard and paid a lot of money to obtain your real estate license. Parking your license lets you keep it even when you're not using it - without any costly board, association or desk fees.

Should I Park My Real Estate License?

There are many situations in which an agent could benefit from having his or her license parked. Find out if parking your real estate license is the right thing for you and your situation.

Learn How To Keep Your License Current

Stay on top of education requirements, insurance and forms. We'll work closely with you to ensure your license stays current. You'll be able to easily start practicing again as though you never stopped.

Continue to Earn Commission Through Referrals

Refer business to whomever you choose and negotiate your own commissions. You could potentially earn more than you did with a mainstream brokerage while paying less. At Milestone Silver you are independent but not alone.